Good news everyone!

We have a car!

Last week we purchased ourselves a gorgeous 1.3 litre 1995 Škoda Favorit so now our drive to Mongolia can actually be a drive rather than a really, really long walk.

It seems to be a fully wheeled and operational car (apart from a slight blowy exhaust) but of course back in the early 90’s safety and comfort weren’t as important as they are today so air bags, air-con and the like are not included. But this just adds to the fun/danger!

As always please take the time to read about our chosen charities and if possible donate:

Cheers, thanks, bye


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One thought on “Good news everyone!

  1. Anthea Turrell

    The most important tip from the world’s top traveller, Michael Palin. Take flat loo paper. Don’t take loo rolls as they get squashed and are unusable.

    If you need a windscreen washer along the journey, you know where I am!



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