Mongol Rally Mock Test (with a little help from Jewels Garage)

Over the weekend we took Lexi out for a little spin around the mean streets of North London and the North Circular, the first time all three of us have been inside together. If we could survive the blistering heat of 25°C then surely the 40°C of the Iranian and Central Asian summer would be a breeze. Right? Well no. Sort of…

…After about 30mins of stop start traffic Will noticed a little bit of steam coming out from under the bonnet which we soon discovered was engine coolant getting a little boily. We let everything cool down for a bit in a lovely service station at Arnos Grove (see picture) before gently driving her home.

Service Station Lexi cooling off by the North Circular, it’s a truly beautiful place

A lovely Sunday morning was then spent learning how to flush the coolant, remove the radiator, take the fan apart, and test the thermostatic sensors. Who knew how both simple and complex an engine’s cooling system is!

Ash Radiator Henry Radiator

Ash taking the radiator out and Henry prying the radiator/fan apart – note the Haynes manual being carefully followed!

Unfortunately we lacked the parts (and perhaps the expertise) to fix Lexi fully. That is where the magnificent John, Dennis and Cliff of Jewels Garage ( came to the rescue! They very kindly agreed to take a look and within just a few hours of dropping the car off had fixed the issue and got the fan and cooling system back up and running. What’s more did the whole thing on the house!

They are a great bunch of guys and if you need a mechanics we can’t recommend them more highly.


We’ll be sure to raise a glass of airag (Mongolian fermented horse milk) to John, Dennis and Cliff!

After that minor setback we are ready to go!

Next stop Battersea Park…

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