Launch Day Has Finally Arrived

The day is finally upon us, we descended onto Battersea Park with 243 other cars in a creaky, squeeky little Skoda. As soon as we arrived we were greeted with a friendly ‘your car doesn’t sound healthy’. In fact our exhaust had come a bit loose and was rubbing on the underside of the car. It was nothing a bit of rubber hose and cable ties wouldn’t fix, but it did sound pretty worrying.




We even got interviewed for having a stupid choice of car.





But then we weren’t the only ones these guys were sporting some awesome paint jobs, we were a particular fan of the blackboard paint.



Of course if you aren’t into painting you could always attach something stupid to your car. How about a barrel for a roof box.


IMG_0037 IMG_0069    IMG_0059  IMG_0063


And finally…. the truly ridiculous we were particuarly impressed with the limo that was parked next to us. It might be spacious but we really doubt it will make it through the deserts. The same goes for fool taking on the rally in a Ferrari, it was built for the race track, not a dirt track. Also kudos to the team who felt they needed to take their garden shed and the guys who are planning on sailing their own boat across the Caspian sea.



What a fine bunch all 243 teams are!

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