Time to give Lexi (and us) a break in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

We’re in Bishkek today the capital of Kyrgyzstan and our plan is to have a full day without driving Lexi, we think she deserves a break after bringing us 6294 miles already.











Heading to a Mountain Pass in Kyrgyzstan, 3500m 


We can unanimously say we prefer Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan after only being here one day, notably the road surface quality is much smoother, but we’ll come to comparing the -stan’s after we’ve been to Kazakhstan, it’s only fair. 

We’re staying at a French run B&B, very random we know for the middle of Central Asia, but it is lovely. We woke actually feeling refreshed and rested having not properly slept the last few nights. More to come on this in a later post today, but last night we slept at the border crossing at the side of the road, just in sleeping bags with mosquitoes buzzing around us and an Uzbek soldier with his AK-47 towering over us, quite surprising being the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning.

So far today, we’ve managed to sort ourselves out a little, hand-washed most of our clothes which was long overdue, we are sure they smelt, but we had become accustomed to it so our criteria was whether it looked dirty or not. 

Will and Ash had a morning yoga practice on the grass, to try and actually have a little stretch and bend, sitting in a car for so many hours on end doesn’t do your back and muscles much good. 



French run B&B


Next job to do was to do our temporary fix on the clutch, something we have found we must do every few days otherwise the clutch seizes up (note, we did take it to a mechanics, but they only made it worse), it becomes stiff and grinds, making us unable to get into gear, sometimes causing Lexi to get stuck in gear…quite a challenge for city driving as we have discovered.

Now we’re off to explore the delights of Bishkek, we’ll update you tonight of our car challenges up till now, our plans and how we’ve had to change the route.



A very windy mountain pass in Kyrgyzstan 3500m

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