Since we’re undertaking such a ridiculous mission it would only be right to make sure something positive comes out of it, other than us having a wonderful time. We’ll be funding the whole trip ourselves, after all we’re adults and have jobs. When you donate rest assured that all of the money will be going to a worthy cause, not us and our pointless expedition.

The Rally ask that we raise at least £500 for its official charity – Cool Earth, they work alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. But we also wanted to help out a cause local to us in London. We chose Chance UK, they provide one-to-one mentoring for primary school children with behavioural difficulties.

They’re both incredibly worthy causes and you can donate to us Chance UK here-, if you wish to donate by text, text CAME55 £X to 70070. If you’d rather donate to Cool Earth, please go here:

We will be posting other ways of supporting  the charities over the next 5 months, which may include selling space on the car for your own customised car stickers, which will work on a donation basis.

You can find out more about our two charities below.

Chance UK

Chance UK

Our mission

To improve the lives of primary school children with behavioural difficulties who are at risk of developing anti-social or criminal behaviour in the future.

How we achieve it:

We do this by providing tailored one-to-one mentoring with a carefully  screened, trained and supervised volunteer mentor. Our mentors raise children’s self esteem via activities such as sports, visiting museums, making scrapbooks…anything the child may be interested in.

We work in a solution-focused way, so our mentors and staff focus on the child’s strengths and what they do well, rather than their negative behaviour.

Many of the children we work with are on the verge of being permanently excluded from school. This is frequently the start point for anti-social and later criminal behaviour in a young person’s life, and our early intervention work prevents this progression.

We work closely with local schools to improve life for the child, their family and their classmates.

No other organisation does the work that we do, in the way that we do it, with the age group we do it with. Our partnership model of replicating our work is also unique.

Cool Earth

Cool Earth

We know that saving the rainforest isn’t a new idea. Managing to do it is.

Over the last 40 years, half the world’s rainforests have been destroyed. That’s why cool earth decided to go about things differently.

We don’t create reserves or put up fences. We don’t buy land. Instead, we put indigenous people back in control of the world’s most endangered rainforest.

These people have lived in the forest for countless generations. Their homes are now on the  frontline of deforestation. They have the most to lose from deforestation.

By building better incomes, better schools and better clinics, we give our partner villages the  resources they need to keep their forest intact.

Cool earth is now working alongside 65 rainforest villages throughout the world.

These partner villages are protecting 330,000 acres of forest that lie directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers.

The clever part is that this forest is forming a shield to make the neighbouring forest inaccessible  to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest.

At least 90% of each donation to cool earth goes directly to our projects. With this support, cool earth can put in place the simple steps that change the fate of at-risk rainforest and the lives of our indigenous partners.

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