HOW? Good question!

We no longer have to walk the whole way which is pretty good news for us because as Boromir puts it:


For that very reason we went out and bought ourselves a 1.3 litre 1995 Škoda Favorit and as you can see below she is a beauty:

Car 3Car2Car

Why this car and not some big, hulking 4×4? Well because that would be too damned easy that’s why. It would probably also cost us a lot more as not many 4x4s in this condition sell for under £250!

As the official Adventurists blurb puts it  “You can’t have an adventure with a big 4×4; you know before starting that you’ll reach the finish. No, what you need to tackle some of the toughest terrain on the planet is something a little more ridiculous. And so it follows that to do the Mongol Rally you need to turn up in something many people might consider to be a little unsuitable. What do they know. “Unsuitable for what?” we say. If you look at your steed and think, “This is the right car for crossing a desert” you’ve got it badly wrong.” So, we’re looking for old Nissan Micras, Suzuki Wagons and Jimnys, Fiat Puntos, Vauxhall Corsas etc. etc.”

If, or more accurately when, the car decides that 20 years on the road is enough and anyway these aren’t roads this is a bloody desert we can always finish the journey like a true Mongol and find a horse.

Mongol horses

 Here’s a chameleon…there’s no reason for him to be here other than Will said we need a picture of a chameleon on the site


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One thought on “How?

  1. Emily

    I love you guys… you are utterly insane


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