Our Sponsors!

We wouldn’t have got this far without a fair  bit of help from our friends and these lovely companies who have in someway supported us. Thank you everyone!


The experienced mechanics donated their time, spare parts and lots of equipment they thought we’d need on the road. Collectively, we are not sure how much time and money they have saved us.


Kia 1



DSC Motor Factors



Car stickers and Camping gear


Cotswold Outdoor Logo




Our Chance UK fundraising supporters include Yogahaven, who have donated their Saturday afternoon Karma donation classes to Chance UK in June and July. Special thanks go to all those who have donated via Justgiving or taken part in any of the cake sales that have been held



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One thought on “Our Sponsors!

  1. Tim

    Hello Ash & mates! Wow! What a wild and amazing challenge you guys are living. It takes some really good friends to pull this off and it is to be admired. (as long as it’s not my kid doing it) Doorway to hell??? Did I need to know about such a thing? Carry on boys, I’m totally entertained from my seat on this journey, anxiously await further exploits. And when Lexi rolls into Cherryville we have a place for you to camp. Thanks for your contribution to human-ness(ity)
    good luck Tim

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