Where? – Live Tracking

The basic premise is that we start in Battersea Park, London and arrive at Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolia, which is about 4,300miles as the crow flies. Seems simple enough right?

Unfortunately we are not crows as so we will be carrying out the journey in a lovely (horrible) little car which can be seen in the How section. After some discussion we decided that we’d attempt the Southern Route which will take us through Europe, Turkey, Iran and Central Asia (the ‘stans) and finally onto our destination, Mongolia.

During our adventure we will be passing through 24 countries which we won’t list here but instead will show you their flags because who doesn’t love flags? Why not pass a fun few minutes and try and guess them all?




The route can be seen below in some handy maps of varying scale although there is a good chance that we’ll get lost at various points and so we expect that our final route will differ slightly. When we are on the Rally you can, if you want, track us via our team page on the Adventurists website – http://teams.theadventurists.com/the-adventures/mongol-rally/teams/5-camels,-1-chameleon.






We now have Live Tracking in place, by ‘Live Tracking’ I mean when we have internet to upload our current position, so could be quite patchy. Follow the below link and select 5 camels1chameleon!



Hopefully we wont get too lost/stranded but if we do we’ll just have to find some helpful Mongolian nomad and ask for a lift



3 thoughts on “Where? – Live Tracking

  1. Simon Durant

    That is some drive! . . . have fun! enjoy the trip!


  2. Simon Durant

    Sounds good to me – you could try doing it riding a camel?


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