Who are we then?


We are three man boys from North London. Henry and Will have known one another since the tender age of 12. The two started high school together in rural Suffolk. When Henry left for university in York he met Ash, where they bonded over chemicals and stuff while studying for a Masters in Chemistry.

Inevitably everybody ended up in London where we’re all grown ups with jobs, flats and such.


Ash Dey

While I no longer play with chemicals, I do still enjoy the idea of bucket chemistry and seeing what you can end up with…even if that is just with my cooking. I now work for an information technology company, which is interesting in its own right. If not at work, I’ll usually be sweating it out in a 40 degree hot yoga studio trying to find some sort of Zen. I’ve also been known for working with charities, raising money and running ridiculous distances for enjoyment, my friends (including Henry) just don’t understand how it can be enjoyable in anyway, but it is…..  I’m sure being on the road constantly for five weeks will have its toll on our friendships, but the search for RIPs (Really Interesting Places)  and our constant race against time will keep it fun . I’ve never heard Will play the guitar, but I really do hope he can play more than two  songs, otherwise I fear he may not come back with a guitar….





Henry (Henry) Durant

After leaving the wonders of York, university, and chemistry in 2011 I decided to move back down South, reunite with Will, and explore the (perhaps lesser) wonders of London, a job, and office based ‘fun’. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life but I’m hoping that driving 10,000 miles across countries with more k’s, y’s and z’s in than a thing with lots of stupid letters will change this. Or at the very least provide some interesting stories whilst causing my mother to have 5 weeks of sleepless nights. Sorry Mum! Other than day dreaming about anything that’s not emails, spread sheets or meetings I enjoy watching sports, doing as little as possible at home, pub-quizzing and trying to travel as much as I can. I also partake in, but I’m not sure I can go as far as to say enjoy, hot yoga with Ash (I have literally no idea what a ‘Zen’ is other than an old mp3 player and why Ash is looking for one of them in a yoga studio is beyond me), running ridiculous distances, I managed a whole 10km once!, and going to the gym. Unlike Ash I have frequently heard Will play the guitar and in fact saw him play live on stage at the 2005 V Festival as part of the James Coleman Experience but I still think he may become involved in a tragic guitar based accident somewhere in Kyrgyzstan…



William (Will) Thompson

I didn’t go to York university and I didn’t study Chemistry. Not that either of the other two are doing anything remotely chemistry related now. Originally hailing from Suffolk I warmed up to a big city by studying in Bristol, it was fun, but it just isn’t London. You’ll usually find me on the phone and furiously tapping at keyboards in my day job at Dynamo PR. They were nice enough to give me a whole month off, what great guys they are! So while I miss the first week and the tedium of Europe, I will be on the road from Greece all the way to the plains of Mongolia. I’ve never been to hot yoga, it doesn’t sound pleasant and I’m known for being very dangerous over short distances, much like Gimli. I’ll be packing a guitar I acquired for less than a tenner and do indeed aim to play the same songs over and over again whilst on the road. Accidents in Kyrgyzstan withheld.




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